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Thread: lifespan of projectors

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    Default lifespan of projectors

    Hey guys what is the typical lifespan of a laser projector or its components in your experience?
    Im talking about scanners and bricks.

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    Hi Johnjack. There's a multitude of variables here. For scanners, it depends on a few factors. Whether you're pushing your galvo's too hard (scan angles too wide) or your DAC controller scan rate settings exceed the limits of the galvo's. Cheap chinese knock off units will use inferior bearings and seals, so will more prone to eventual failure if pushed hard for extended periods.

    For diode modules, the manufacturer will often state MTBF or lifetime in hours, but again, it depends on when they were made, who made them and how well. If they are not overdriven, then expect a lifespan roughly in the order of around 10K hours.

    The trick here is to buy the best of the above components that you can afford.

    P.s Fill in your location as there may well be an event in your area that you could attend for friendly and informative advice on anything laser related
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    Yes there is. Life span depends on the quallity of the "bricks" aka modules and also the quallity of powersupplies and scanners. Scanners like Cambridge and Eyemagic are robust compared to chinese cheap scanners. Its similar to a battery drill, a 50 dollars from a wholesale supplier will not last as long as a Makita. But then again you can,t expect that from a 50 dollars one. When doing lasershows for a bussiness its an investment just like the makita is for the carpenter. That is why carpenters buy usually a Makita since it last for ever and they can trust there equipment. Life span of the diodes in a module are typical 10000 hours when the diode is kept at arround 20 degrees. Of course you never reach the 10000 hours because that is 416 days running costantly for 24 hours a day. So even if you do a lasershow every weekend for 8 hours you still have 52 x 8 = 416 hours used. That would mean the diodes last 24 years. Most module companies give warrenty for 1 or 2 years. We give 1 year warrenty and 2 years of service on Projectors and modules.

    95% of all the laserists buy it as a toy with the intention to make some money to finance the hobby. But if you have a customer that hired you and equipment fails you loose the customer and the bill is not going to be payed. That is why carpenters buy a Makita , it never fails and they can finish the job and get payed for it.

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    Depends on what you mean by 'lifespan'. For me, a unit will reach the end of its useful lifespan before it fails due to old age/wear.

    By the time something wears out I would like to think its been paid for.
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