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Thread: API description for EzAUDAC

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    Default API description for EzAUDAC


    I just wnated to play around with some own software but until now the related documentation is missing. Meanwhile I found some headers defining functions prototypes
    int  EzAudDacGetCardNum(void);
    bool EzAudDacWriteFrame(const int *CardNum, const struct EAD_Pnt_s* data, int Bytes, unsigned short PPS);
    bool EzAudDacWriteFrameNR(const int *CardNum, const struct EAD_Pnt_s* data, int Bytes, unsigned short PPS, unsigned short Reps);
    int  EzAudDacGetStatus(const int *CardNum);
    bool EzAudDacStop(const int *CardNum);
    bool EzAudDacClose(void);
    but without any additional description. So my question: is there a documentation available somewhere that describes what these functions are doing/which values they expect/what they return?


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    It's the same as the EasyLase API. I'm pretty sure you can google around and find the docs for it.

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