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Thread: sellers or resellers in Russia?

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    Default sellers or resellers in Russia?

    EDIT: The way some of the members here have desperately tried to identify my location and nationality for whatever reason they believed was needed for by asking an admin to check my profile logs and researching me by the content of my posts has been very creepy and unnecessary. So bye.
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    I am Ellen from ABLE Laser, what laser do you need? I can offer the quotation include your import tax. We have speical shipping way to Russia. It is safety and including everything, the shipping time is also fast. You can send the e-mail to me. I will reply you ASAP.

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    Try our Russian distributor:
    Martin Pelikan
    KVANT Laser Systems UK

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    Red face Russia shipping need special way

    Quote Originally Posted by dream View Post
    Are there any sellers or resellers of laser projectors and components from Russia? Importing from China I have to pay a 32% tax. My country is going to get unto a customs union with Russia soon, so buying from there could help me afford some stuff which I can't now.

    And maybe there are some website like ebay in Russia which I could check out?
    We have the speical way to send the goods to Russia, that is the most safe and no import tax. our website is you may choose anyone you needed. my skype ID: ellenchaii, QQ:55323112.

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