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    Default Phoenix 4 Pro Showcontroller

    PHOENIX4 PRO / PRO+ is the latest development of Phoenix and it is a professional laser control software for ILDA capable laser projectors.
    The software provides the laser control of up to 32 independent lasers systems. Furthermore it is possilbe to integrate other lighting effects, which can be controlled via DMX or MIDI. Video files can be embedded frame accurate in each resolution on the timeline and it will be synced in real time. PHOENIX4 PRO / PRO+ also calculates the output of all commands and signals in real time. Many functions are already included such as SMS-4-laser, the running text generator, live control via MIDI keyboard, joystick, touchscreen, etc.
    Logos and images can be drawn in the new 2D/3D PHOENIX4 CAD. An optional Media Converter helps to convert a wide range of supported image formats into a laser-optimized figures or animations.

    The PHOENIX4 PRO / PRO+ package includes a show player with the abilty to save pre-programmed shows ( up to years in advance) in a show calendar. Included in the software package are also more than 170 breathtaking shows, which are synchronous to the music and ready for presentation. The new clear animation library helps to create new individual shows.

    With the PHOENIX 3D real-time visualization, complete exhibition stands, stages, clubs, etc. can be visualized including e.g. light lasers, video screens, plasma screens, water screens . Thus, the shows can be viewed synchronized to music from all perspectives.

    The difference between PHOENIX4 PRO and PHOENIX4 PRO+ consists in the number of individually controllable laser projectors. Using PHOENIX4 PRO, one laser-interface can be controlled individually, with PHOENIX4 PRO+ it is possible to control up to 32 interfaces (DMX 512 in / out universes in appropriate number).

    The PHOENIX PRO/PRO+ Set contains:

    1 x PRO/PRO+ USB-dongle (license dongle)
    1 x MICRO USB interface
    1 x USB cabel
    1 x Quick Start guide
    1 x program /software CD

    PHOENIX4 Pro / PRO+ is a great solution for unique multimedia laser shows.

    Special features of PHOENIX4 PRO / PRO+:

    more than 3,500 professionally designed laser figures / animations, saved in more than 50,000 frames
    more than 170 music syncronous pre-programmed laser shows
    hierarchical laser show programming through simple drag 'n drop
    support for up to 32 individual controllable laser projectors (PHOENIX4 PRO+)
    optimizable laser figures
    effects to various manipulate objects and the world
    adjustable effect groups for quick use
    live laser show programming by a midi keyboard
    powerful DMX programming environment, with live control and library
    running text can be dynamically animated with laser-optimized fonts
    SMS-4-laser with commercial UMTS web sticks
    accurate projection zone adjustment to complex projection environments
    raster scanning of pixel images
    time and calendar programmable show player-system in advance
    multilingual user interface (of the surface)
    configurable user interface
    AutoSave and AutoRecovery options to protect your shows while programming
    extensive programming tracks for animations and effects
    adjustable screen brightness
    synchronization to music (MP3, WAV), CD, SMPTE, TIME LIVE
    amazing effects (color effects, morphing, multi-lingual D Lissajou, video, DMX, animation and world manipulation and more)
    Phoenix 3D visualization of the laser and light show in a freely accessible and customizable virtual world
    view different timelines for multi-projector synchronization

    Price: 1250$
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    That's a bit spammy for a first post

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    I have this already but thanks for the description of Pro vs. Pro+. (I have Pro+ but didn't know what made it a "plus".)

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    Pm me the price

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    1250 $ not including postage. If you are interested, please contact me on Skype - Chehov861

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