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Thread: BUYING: Single color low-ish projector with reasonably wide/accurate scanners

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    Default BUYING: Single color low-ish projector with reasonably wide/accurate scanners

    I'm planning to teach about sound waves, so I want to show about a thousand kids an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. What better way to accomplish this than with a laser?

    I've already got the prototype working, using an old 100mW green projector put together by the late Daniel Cohn of Techological Artisans. Now I need a few (for backup), tiny, reliable projectors just like this one, so I can take this from school to school.

    My ideal specs would be:
    Wide angle 25-30k scanners - I'm currently using Catweazle scanners which have been great
    Narrow green beam, maybe 100-500mW.
    Tiny, portable
    Either reliable or super cheap so I can buy a couple of backups
    Ideally it should have x/y gain & offset dials like my current projector, but I can do that in circuitry before the ILDA connector if necessary.

    I'll bet someone on here has one or two old projectors in need of a good home. Or do you know of a good source of something inexpensive like this?

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    Hi WndrG -

    Quote Originally Posted by Wondergy View Post
    ...Or do you know of a good source...
    Actually, there's a couple resources.. We've got one of-such (different model..) sitting on a test-bench that could do the job; and, there's another good Gent, out this way, that has a nice, small unit with a good-green, and a pair of 6800s in it, etc.. But..

    ..I'll probably best-serve you by recommending you get in touch with John L, 'VJ AIWAZ' here on PL, as he 'took over' Daniel's TAI legacy, and would likely be in the best-position to get you as close as possible to the same unit. John's a good Kat and will take good care of ya.. He can also assist you if you might need Variance-prep assistance...

    Cool-sounding project!
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    thanks Jon

    and yes i can help you get this sorted for you wondergy

    just give me a call at the office (phone number is on the top of the page)


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