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Thread: Best safety glasses for 337nm-445nm range?

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    Default Best safety glasses for 337nm-445nm range?

    Have a pair of those $9 Uvex glasses from Amazon, which were good enough for my low-ish power 405nm builds. However, I'm about to start on my TEA N2 laser, and plan to build a CNC laser cutter with one of those 9mm 445nm diodes at some point later this year, and those cheap goggles aren't going to cut it. My vision is already crap, and I'm not about to make it worse because I cheaped out on safety.

    So, what's the best pair of glasses for these wavelengths? I'd like a pair that will last me "forever", and still offer enough protection for any future upgrades to the laser cutter. Wearable over glasses is a plus (I don't have glasses, but my wife does).
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