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    ATI offers a broad range of laser diode drivers/controllers: AC input laser drivers and DC input laser drivers. The latter includes high efficiency laser drivers, ultra low noise laser drivers, and dual mode laser drivers.

    Our laser drivers/controllers come with many features, as follows: high efficiency, dual mode, constant current output, constant power control, ultra low noise, high current, and nano seconds pulse width, loop good indication, compact size, etc. Using these laser drivers and controllers along with our TEC controllers enable our customers to design and build high performance low cost diode laser systems.

    All the laser drivers/controllers are of 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.

    AC Input Laser Drivers AC laser drivers/controllers are designed for driving laser diodes with low noise current, 20A, 30A, 40A or 45A at high efficiency, > 76%.
    DC Input Laser Drivers DC laser drivers are electronic modules designed for driving diode lasers with high efficiency, low noise or constant current.

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    These actually look pretty nice. The price reflects that! One question is, in the product description, it says up to 2.5V yet, on the driver itself, it appears the potentiometer allows you to go to 5V which makes more sense to me.

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