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Thread: New 4pcs 635nm-5W RGB ready to go

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    Thumbs up New 4pcs 635nm-5W RGB ready to go

    New 635nm beam quality is better than old one, New: 2.9x3.8mm diameter,<1.5mrad full angle. Old:5x8mm diameter,<3mrad.
    5W RGB(R:1W/635nm, G:2W/532nm, B:2W/445nm) CNI analog modulation diode, DT40pro scanner.
    To show the graphic at 10m distance from the laser to wall, it is nice with good white balanced.
    It is worthy to pay with low price and high quality.
    Pls contact me Ellen if you have any inquiry.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ellen, if you are advertising your products, please restrict your posts to the 'Buying and Selling' section.

    Otherwise you'll come under some criticism for spamming the forum, and people will not be so keen to trade with you.

    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    when has < 5w been 5w...........

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    And yes, they are spamming the forum...
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    [QUOTE=dave;290938]when has < 5w been 5w...........
    I think that you have not measured the 650nm or 635nm wavelength laser power via the window of laser projector, due to the beam quality 2.9x3.8mm diameter,<1.5mrad full angle, it is normal that the laser power is lost, if 650nm, the laser power will lost more. The high beam quality is very important to ensure the laser power. Our all green laser power are more high, 2W is 2.2-2.6W, 1W is 1.3-1.7W.
    640nm red is almost no lost, but the laser power is also only up to what we call, not over.

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