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    i bought the much drooled at laser synth. Frank was a pleasure to deal with. Not only was he extremely professional in dealing with the details of the transaction but as it turned out we share a similar love of traditional light show art and both have a background with kinetic projectors.

    Frank insisted on detailed photos, information covering every detail of the instrument. We spent a bit of time figuring out how to deal with shipping as he had some concerns about its safety. All in all we landed on the same page over the course of what was not the simplest transaction and it was nice to deal with someone who has high level professional experience in the trade and also is still excited about the art.

    One only has to look at that projector he built, which lord knows I would love if he wasn't still making good use of it and one will see an extremely well thought out and versatile build. I may not be an expert on laser technology but with over 30 years experience entertaining audiences for cash I know what's gonna work and what isn't.


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    Good to hear - glad it found a good home!

    Are you going to SELEM in August? Bring it if you can, as I'm sure that many of us that would like to see it!

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    I'll second that. Would love to see it if you come to SELEM. I've been eyeing the rest of his system for some time... maybe someday.

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