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Thread: Free Pokemon laser images??

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    Default Free Pokemon laser images??

    More free laser images to share wiff da laser world...

    Got ahold of some black and white pokemon images... Hopefully these are okay, they are mostly under 1100 points and look good even with low speed scanners... Hopes ya like's em!
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    I shall peruse them at my leisure.
    Thank you kind Sir.

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    Hell yeah dude, that'd be kick ass, especially if you can animate them... Most of the pokemon images I tried to run through BMP2ILD had a hard time, especially if they weren't true black and white, or had messed up lines...

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    My son will thank you profusely. I thought he was over it at about age 12 but, now that he's 22, there seems to have been a resurgence.

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    ...Got a few more I did, will probably up them later on... If anyone has any SD Card files that came with their lasers, would love to get ahold of them...

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    WOW... Nice ones! Um, lessee... Bottom row, the three purple ones (gastly, haunter, I forget their names), Bellsprout (and his variants, third row from the bottom), Poliwhirl (kinda hard to get that swirl down in few points), and I think it's koffing (purple guy with the white skull on his chest). Seel too, cause I couldn't find one that would turn out...

    Yeah, yeah, I kinda know me some pokemon... Mainly because I am a huge pinball nut and played pokemon pinball on a Gameboy Advance (and now an emulator so I can play it on a PC).

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    ILDA files would be cool... Thanks man...

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    Those look cool! Weird thing tho, Only Haunter comes out in any color, the other two display a solid white on my laser! Might have something to do with the color schemes you used...

    Anyway, that being said, I made a few more pokemon images this past week, some really turned out well!

    A few of these looked kinda off in my laser projector, but I tried to keep them ALL under 1200 points for optimal viewing... I have been experimenting with using varying point counts depending on how fine or small the image parts are, and that seems to help on small to near tiny circles and things like that... I DID use ZILDA to view them, so they look very good there... Charmander is a bit off on my projector, and Snover's jagged edges look a bit weird on his feet. Other than that, especially with mixing colors, I really dig these!!! Can only save them in format 0 tho...
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    Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to make those rotating 3D images??? Awesome work...

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    I will check them than I can see more..
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