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Thread: Read Before Posting

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    Hi, thanks for replying.
    Yes, the .ild file was larger than 25MB.
    However, later I compressed it using WinRAR, and the file was a little over 5MB.
    I still have trouble uploading it.
    However, so far I have a few .ILD files already in a few post, could it be that it counts all the attachments together?
    I was thinking of replacing the .ild files of my current posts, with compressed files, to make room for new posts.

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    I disabled per account attachment limits, so that shouldn't be the issue.

    There was a problem earlier today where other people were unable to upload attachments and I have since remedied that problem, so give it a try again. If it still doesn't work then let me know so I can see what the specific issue is here.

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    Default What ever happened to the FTP is it still around or gone for good

    ???? Says increase to 15 characters there that should do it.... ????

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