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Thread: Sharing Advice Is Different From Selling - Able Laser, PLEASE take note

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    Angry Sharing Advice Is Different From Selling - Able Laser, PLEASE take note

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is just me having a rant But I am really getting fed up with various Chinese laser companies highjacking interesting threads with direct sales adverts. The worst case of this is when a newcomer is asking for help and advice about buying a projector, they want advice, not a heavy sell. This is made worse as they maybe don't even understand what they really want, need or should be buying. These heavy handed sales people just jump right in highjack the thread and bully the newcomer into a very unpleasant place. What is wrong with just sending the person asking a simple PM offering your product? Certain companies, yes this is YOU Able Laser, are completely ignoring the Buy and Sell section and seem to highjack everything.

    My question is what should we do about this? Just a discussion as to the best way to handle this rude source of annoyance and total lack of respect for what we all stand for here. We are all here for advice and pursuit of a hobby or profession, not as some cheap marketplace advertising space for companies with no regard for respect of people choices. Personally I think it should be three strikes and you're out, but that is just my 10c.

    On the other hand there are great suppliers who help and comment, whilst still promoting their products and services. But its not just the Chinese, look at RGB Laserverkoop, only comments are look we have this, look we have that etc etc etc..

    Sorry for the intrusion and feel free to ask me to delete the thread if I am the only one now finding this really annoying and unfair to our newcomers.



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    Yep I agree with you if it's not the Chinese it the Dutch sellers
    They should stick to the selling section and not take the piss while they are at it.
    Unless they are going to share useful advice that helps the forum
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    The problem is, they don't really seem to have any useful advice to share, as they're just sales people.
    The recent thread started asking about differences in red technology is testament to that.

    At least with companies like Laserwave, et al, we get technical people who mostly know what they're talking about - with the rest we just get misinformation from box shifters
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    ive said it before and ill say it again the forum could do with a couple of moderators to keep on top of spam and things
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    I agree wholeheartedly with you Hobbit... it's getting really annoying again.
    I had thought that the Dutch one had been flamed out of the forum with his tale between his legs, but it seems he's back.
    Also, cellphone jamming and loads of other unhelpful arse keeps popping up in random threads. :$
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    It never used to bother me that much, but I find I'm getting old and crotchety and just as annoyed as everyone else has been in the past. Especially RGB Laserverkoop on the cellphone but, that's a different issue than on here. I don't know if some developed limitations to posting before reading or acknowledging rules upon signing up for PL would actually work or not. I recall joining a forum once that really made you go through some hoops before being able to "communicate".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradfo69 View Post
    I recall joining a forum once that really made you go through some hoops before being able to "communicate".
    easy! you can't post until you have reached fifty posts!!

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    Exactly Steve.

    I think no one should be allowed to sell anything on PL unless they have been to a LEM.
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