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Thread: Need HELP Galvo System Tuning

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    Laser Warning Need HELP Galvo System Tuning

    Good day!

    I have one galvo (AL-30K) from LINK:
    I dont have For this User Manual. My test picture is vibrate a lot. I neet it tuning. I dont know potmeters!

    I have Pangolin QuickShow FB3. I have galvos from the wall 1m and 14 cm the picture.

    Pictures & Video:

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	20140501_174947.jpg 
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    Quick Show setting: 30Kpps

    Sorry for bad english!

    Peter from Slovakia

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    Have you contacted Goldenstar to ask them if they can send you a manual for your scanners?

    Before you tune your scanners, you need to identify the potentiometers for Servo Gain, Low Frequency Damping, and High Frequency Damping.

    Once you've done that, you can follow the instructions here to tune your scanners.


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    You wilkl have to do the reverse engineering yourself.
    The AL factory does not speak english and does not supply any pot guides.
    Went there, tried that and reverse engineered the whole amp when that happened here for both 20 and 15
    *only difference between 15 and 20 is High frequency damping btw*

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    If anyone would have problem to identify the AL-30k scanner set's potentiometers,i gave a look at the photos.I did the reverse engineering,tracing back the strips based on the best known galvo amplifier schmatics
    Here you are:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140505_164333.jpg 
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    I gave Peter remote assistance and all of the important three + 'size' pots are correctly identified,he tried them in real time with the ILDA test pattern.
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