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    Default Mamba Black

    Selling my Mamba Black

    $350 US Free shipping in the US

    Now with 18 free Laser shows included!

    Mamba Black is the new, hot lasershow software, programmed in open hardware concept. Mamba is not limited to any output card or specific hardware, and is compatible to most existing DACs, such as USB-Box, OEM-USB Card, QM2000, and others. The very intuitive user interface offers all necessary features for perfect shows. Unlimited numbers of tracks offer incredible capabilities for synchronizing your lasershow to almost any music format.

    - Internal resolution 32 bits per channel
    - Full X, Y, RGB, Blanking/Fading
    - Import of ILD, LaserPainter, HotBoard, Avatar
    - Export of ILD, LaserPainter , HotBoard, Avatar
    - Unlimited number of tracks on timeline
    - Interactive VST2005 video tracing
    - SMS2Laser for standard Siemens/Nokia GSM phones
    - Running text on timeline with morphing or animation
    - Live interface with Midi control input
    - Raster TV
    - Scanspeed up to 130,000 pps
    - Realtime frame editor
    - Fully object oriented editing at any time
    - Unlimited number of frames
    - All True Type Fonts available
    - Sync to CD, WAV, MP3
    - Recoloring by using bitmap files
    - Splines for moving sequence
    - Unlimited number of projectors
    - ViPro Virtual projectors with individual geometric correction

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    Question Auto live sync to beat detection

    Does this soft can be used to make a laser automatically detect beat on live music and adjust, in real time, selected or random effects and frames ?

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