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Thread: Where are the laser police when you need them!

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    Laser Warning Where are the laser police when you need them!

    I'll just cut right to the chase....There is a wedding DJ (I assume that's what he is) trying to rent out his 4 X 8 watt lasers on Craigslist. I wouldn't even know about it, but he has been pretty heavily spamming craigslist lately (he runs about a dozen identical ads simultaneously, all the flagging in the world by me & my colleagues doesn't seem to change that) so I've been paying attention. You can see one of his ads HERE (please note that this guy is willing to bring out all of his equipment, including his 4 8 watt lasers for a maximum price of $795). If this was just some ass-clown crowd scanning with a pair of 6 watt lasers at a rave for $500, I probably wouldn't go farther than bitching (That guys name is Mark), but 32 watts of lasers at a wedding is STUPID! By the way, if you do a google search you'll find the same model lasers that he is renting for sale on ebay. So, I did what anyone would do, and responded to his CL add, asking for his variance #. The conversation went like this:

    Me: Hi,

    I might be interested in your lasers, please provide me with your CDRH variance number.

    Ass Clown: Technical Specifications:

    Lasers:aircooled DPSS Diode Laser > 2W @ 650nm (Red ANALOG modulation>10KHz)
    aircooled DPSS Diode Laser > 2W @ 532nm (Green ANALOG modulation>10KHz )
    aircooled DPSS Diode Laser > 4W @ 447nm (Blue ANALOG modulation>10KHz)
    Modulation: Analog-Modulation
    Laser protection class: 3B
    beam specifications: 4*8mm(red) / 2.5mrad?
    Scanner system: fast galvo system with excellent projection qualit,X/Y Scan Angle max:60 optical
    Scanspeed: ILDA-40Kpps,+/-30 degree, max. 60.000pps
    X/Y Scan Angle max:70 optical
    Control mode: ILDA, DMX 512, sound, automatic & PC software PC laser show software: Pangolin,Phoenix, iSHOW and etc.(via ILDA port)
    Gobos: 128 * 128 gobos.
    ILDA: 25pin ILDA Standard Sub-D shaped 25pin connector; Can be operated with any ILDA-compatible controller; when the ILDA interface connected to the console,light will automatically change and follow the console's operation; and you don't need to convert switch.
    DMX 512: 24 channels
    Basic patterns: gobos + 3D animations (layers, tunnels, fences, graphics...)
    Movement: Rotation, bounce, zoom, color, slowdraw, stretch & rolling etc.
    Cooling method : Fan cooling
    Laser Safety: compliance to IEC 60825-1, Have Key On/Off Switch, that can prevent unauthorized use and the DB9 plug can be used for remote control.
    accessories: power cable, DMX cable, manual, interlock connector, key.
    Applicable: Disco, KTV, Pub, Bars, Clubs, Family party, Opera House, Advertisement, large stage, entertainment center, trade show, corporate special events, casinos, etc.
    power supply: 110V~240V AC 50/60 Hz
    Rated power:65W
    Condition temperature: -10℃~+35℃
    Size: 530 x 340 x 260 mm (L x W x H)

    He clearly didn't understand the question, so I am doubtful that he will be following proper laser safety procedures; what can I do??



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    I'm going to continue my rant-

    If any of you advertise your services on CL, you know that your account needs to be verified by phone, and that you are limited to 3 postings in the event section at any given time. Well, the ass-clown mentioned in my OP has 12 identical ads (albeit with slightly different photos), and ALL of his images have been lifted off other websites!! So while this ass hat advertises illegal laser shows while using other peoples pics, my ads keep getting flagged with in minutes of listing. WTF??? I'm thinking about booking this guy to run lasers at a blanket party I am hosting.....

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    step one:
    contact him as a serious buyer

    step two:
    have him meet you in a public place

    step c:
    freak him out with your knowledge

    step 7
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