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    Hello! Is here somebody who knows to do simple logos, etc. of course, I can provide some compensation for the work. The first thing I need help with is to make a simple text that slowly moves a bit in different directions. Someone who feels this than something fun to help me with?

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    Swedish forum has recomended this page because there are so many nice and helpful people who love to help others with their troubles and it seems correct The laser is a Briteq BT LASER850 RGB 20khz scanner. Not the best on ground conditions but affordable and meets my needs at a reasonable cost . To purchase one of the same to come. A logo that I thought to do is to my business RENT A MAN . How the text move is not the most important as it does not move too fast. I really do not know what you can do for patterns , I 'm curious about all the fun you can find on . In the future I want to mix my company logo but a show with different patterns / scales and rays that bends in parallel up and down like this are smaller in size My dreams are big , we will see what is possible to implement

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    I Swedish manuals it is 20khz ( 20.000 per second)

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    Hello! Thank you for your arrangements, it is appreciated. This is a fun hobby for me with the laser while to have time with family and job. Becomes incredibly happy help offered Link to the laser attached. It can make really crisp logos that move, there are those on the memory card. The first thing I want is just a simple or you want to make it advanced. A text that says, RENT A MAN That moves. Not too fast Will gladly turn and spin but it is not the most important, but just a fun test

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