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Thread: Which Blue Should I buy ???

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    Default Which Blue Should I buy ???

    Hi All

    I'm just about to part with some more cash :-(

    I have the following...

    A Green 250Mw DPSS 532nm purchased from 'The Doctor'

    A Red 450Mw(ish) Diode 650nm purchased from 'Marconi'

    I want to order a Blue 200Mw from someone. I have contacted Lasever and they seem to be quite good units, their price is $1420 USD inc. shipping to the UK. In an Email I asked them if they could absolutely guarantee the published specifications and they can, all apart from two things. I quote their reply to my email to them below...


    1, Is the LSR473U Laser absolutely guaranteed to meet the specifications below (as shown on your website)? two items not, others yes:

    Wavelength 473 nm
    Output Power 200mW
    Transverse Mode TEM00 (NOT)
    Operation Mode CW
    Beam Quality (M2) <1.2 (NOT)
    Polarization Ratio 100:1
    Beam Ellipticity <10&#37;
    Beam Diameter(1/e2) 2.0 mm
    Beam Divergence 0.5 mrad
    Pointing Stability <0.02 mrad per hour
    Power Stability +/-5%
    Warm Up Time <15 minutes
    Operating Temperature 0~40oc
    Lifetime 10,000 hrs

    2, Does the Laser have an infrared filter?

    3, Is the output of the laser guaranteed to be at least 200Mw of 473Nm blue light with NO infrared?

    less than 0.1% percent of infrared power can be found because the filter can't absorb all infrared.

    4, Is the beam a true Tem00 transverse mode with a true gaussian beam profile?

    The beam is not guaranteed to be true gaussian beam profile, so not TEM00. But the beam of all looks Round and Small.

    5,Is the beam ellipticity guaranteed at <10% as in the specification?

    Yes, beam ellipticity guaranteed at <10%.
    6, Is the output stable with no mode hopping after say, 15 minutes warm up time? no mode hopping

    7, I would want analogue modulation up to 30khz 0 - 5v. Is the power supply that comes with the laser the LSR - PS - II?

    The PS is LSR - PS - I. The modulation voltage is 0-5V. The brightness is about 80% when the analog modulation is 5khz and eventually comes down for 10khz and higher.

    8, delivery time is one week, and the cost of postage $60 to the UK?

    9, How do I pay for the laser - Credit Card, PayPal, Other way ??? wire transfer

    In conclusion, Lasever makes good quality for the 200mW blue lasers. Others donot make TEM00 either. There are some lasers with TEM00 but not sure whether this one or that one.

    David Wu
    Lasever Inc.


    I really value the depth of knowledge that you folks on this forum have, and am prepared to listen and learn from any advice you are prepared to offer me.

    So, the question is... Should I go ahead and buy this Lasever laser, or does anyone have any other advice before I spend the money. I don't want to do something in haste that I may regret later. I read that Dave/Aijii on this forum also do decent lasers (CNI?). Opinions please ?



    P.S. As soon as I get the 'Blue' I have everything needed to start building
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    This is the million dollar question

    In all honesty, I haven't heard of a single vendor who hasn't had problems
    with some 473nm units in the field dying. This is because the technology is
    still relatively new and the power densities are relatively high and there are a
    lot of critically aligned parts glued into the case. This will probably change for
    the better in about a year when the technology has matured a hair more.

    So... your best bet at this stage is to find the vendor who has the best
    warranty support.

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    I would say Lasever is your best bet. I have had 3 of there blue units. I did have one of them die but David was quick to send a replacement. He is an honorable person to deal with so if you do have a problem he will fix it.
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    I've just received another email from David at Lasever. He does seem a real and genuine guy who is prepared to take the time to establish a good relationship with his customers. I too believe that he is an honourable gentleman.

    I also mentioned this forum as suggested by others. He says he would welcome a review of his laser when I receive it.

    Unless I hear anything bad about this company over the weekend I will be ordering the laser on Monday. I will post a report on the laser in due course.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Astroguy View Post
    I would say Lasever is your best bet. David is an honorable person to deal with

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    I'm also very satisfied with my LSR473U 100mW Lasever (except blue beam "noise" but I think it is present in most of this price range blue modules).
    So you can go with it, you will be happy

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    I recomend Laserver as well since I'm happy with my 100 mW blue 473nM DPSS laser.
    I think CNI lasers aren't much different in quality and are priced too high.

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    I won a 50mW CNI off eBay for a $500, and for the money and very happy with it. I have a feeling it is a refurb... It is my first dpss blue so I don't know anything else either. The only problem I have with it, beyond the beam noise , is the noise the little fan it has makes. The sound is comparable to the fan on my old argon. I actually took the top off of it and replaced it with a 120mm computer fan. It's not very pretty but it's silent. Can one of the wiser folk tell me what would cause the alarm LED on it come on?
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    I also agree that Lasever is a great product, I'd also like to add that getting a replacement from them was outstanding. Sent one back to be repaired and I had a replacement at my door 10 days later.


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    I arranged an upgrade unit from a withering 150mW unit. They were fast on shipping and provided a new warranty. I am well pleased with it as it was rated for 200mW and does close to 327mW after 10 minutes @ 5v. No IR in the beam !!! It does have a few issues at lower power levels, like a TemOO2 beam spot with one being really weak. Never detectable in a scanned image. Only see it through a magnifying lense on the wall @ about 6 meters. It has no cooling issues that a PID controlled TEC won't handle. It does need an extra measure of cooling so be warned. Mine runs @ 27 Deg C the way I have it setup and has no isuues at all. 473 nM long and prosper. So in conclusion.....came in over spec and new warranty plus an open line to the manu. That is the reason I will purchase another in the future. No one can touch a MaXYZ unit. They just keep on doing their thing...making red.....for a long time. You couldn't go wrong with on of their units for a no hastle red.
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