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Thread: PSU to Head cable for Omnichrome Series 43 / Melles Griot 643 / All sorts

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    Default PSU to Head cable for Omnichrome Series 43 / Melles Griot 643 / All sorts

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a cable like this:

    to connect this:

    to this:

    (or have I bought an un-matched pair? doh)

    If you have one, let me know!

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    I stock the parts to make the cables. PM me.

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    You may have a cable that needs TWO extra wires going through it..
    -IIRC- these two wires add the connections pins 11 & 17 to the bundle.

    When I started with my first A.C. Ions they were NEC-GLG3030 argons, a
    cable like you show worked fine with them, Yet, later on when I purchased
    an Omni 532 I found that the cable no longer worked.

    I learned the my PSU I built needed an addition of a very simple circuit to
    provide a "boost voltage" up to the head, somewhere around 170VDC
    Again , IIRC...
    Luck was with me and I was able to add this little PCB i made into my PSU, it derived
    that DC voltage from the AC mains with 4?5?6? 1n4XX diodes and a few capacitors arranged in a voltage multiplier configuration, @60hz.
    The hardest part was adding the two wires to my homebuilt cable.

    So, this is something you might want to look into - whether that boost is needed
    and/or supplied through that cable you have now..

    Similarly, I now need a cable like this myself, I have a few heads yet and no
    means of connecting them to my supply and have been meaning to make a
    post such as yours yet specifying that the cable has the boost connection.

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