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Thread: 1 Watt RGB ILDA Laser

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    Default 1 Watt RGB ILDA Laser

    Hi everyone,

    I am moving to the USA and need to sell my much loved laser to put towards the cost of setting up my new life over there. I have only used the laser for about 100 hours so there is loads of life left in the modules.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is a custom built 1 watt RGB, all the parts came from Stanwax.

    The laser module details are;

    Red 640nm 350mw
    Blue 473nm 270mw
    Green 532nm 450mw

    ILDA controlled (I used Pangolin Quickshow)

    It's got DT40 Pro scanners and comes with a wind up stand and it's own mounting bracket.

    *** NEW PRICE *** 1250 and please feel free to ask me any more questions about it.


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    nice kit-- can you bring it with you to USA??

    todays rate IIRC ~$2,700usd -- good luck-- someone will want it.. hak
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    I would love to bring it, but the shipping cost is very expensive and the money will help set up our new home. We are having to leave all our furniture behind in the UK. A container to ship it was 3500. Just not worth it, so selling the lot.

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