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    It only took me twenty years.
    I finally got an sp-127 he-ne.
    It works great next to my ilt argon.
    The beam profiles match divergence wise far field so it looks white far away.
    The only bummer is that it was tweaked and peaked after a half hour of running in a cool room.
    It reached a peak power of 30 milliwatts after about 45 minutes then the power started dropping drastically as the tube heated up and stabilized in a warm room. I let it run all night and this morning it had settled at three milliwatts.
    Ive left it running at home and I will re tweak and peak it tonight.
    Its always cool to figure something out and learn.
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    Will there be three phase!!!!

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    you should be able to tweak it up and have it hold power; check out the procedures on Sam's Laser FAQ. There are tweaking hex nuts on the sides of the mirror mounts. Coarse cabvity alignments should not normally be required. Good luck! These can approach 50 mW...46, 47...
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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