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Thread: Laserscope 532 KTP YAG Laser - Show ready

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    Default Laserscope 532 KTP YAG Laser - Show ready

    I have decided to sell my Laserscope as I donít get much call to use it these days.

    It is a Laserscope Orion modified for show use in full working order. Last time I measured it, I saw 38 watts. I think the conversion was originally done by Laser Electronics and still uses the motherboard. I have an oven controller on order from another forum member, which means the motherboard can be removed and the system made more compact if you fancy a small project. I will transfer that deal to the new owner, itís all paid for so no nasty surprises

    I also have a couple of spare KTPís and a spare flashlamp to go with itÖ

    The laser runs on 32 amp single phase and has a heat exchanger and pump chucking DI water around all the hot bits.

    This has been to UKLEM a couple of times, so there are a few members here who can vouch for itÖ

    Buyer would need to collect in a van, this is a large heavy system.

    It cost me £3000, but i am open to sensible offers, itís taking up too much spaceÖ

    Please only consider buying this if you have the experience to use it safely, this is a *very* powerful laser and can start fires from a long distance. I will take no further responsibility once the laser is sold. Your safety is in your own hands.

    Here are some pics:

    Taken by AndyCon at UKLEM, it's the one on the left of the picture

    Click image for larger version. 

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    a couple more

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