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Thread: JMLaser Showplayer - MP12C

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    Selling the MP12C - Jmlaser DMX showplayer with 512Mb Flashcard. Working great.

    Price: 150 USD + shipping

    High Performance 16Bit-Microcontroller
    256 Kbytes RAM
    Playbacks all Showsequences in ILDA-Standardformat
    Up to 256 Shows selectable via DMX
    DMX-functions use minimum 1, maximum 8 DMX-channels
    2 additional shows selectable via hardwired, opto-isolated inputs (planned)
    Showlength only limited by capacity of memory media.
    Supports Compact Flash cards with FAT16 Filesystem up to 2 GB
    X/Y-outputs 12Bit, 16 Millions of picture coordinates
    Coloroutputs RGB 8Bit, 256 out of 16 Million colors
    All outputs on 25-pin ILDA-standard connector
    Outputspeed up to 30000 points per second (pps)
    Single powersupply 10-30V DC
    DMX-512 Input
    DMX Fail Protection

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    I will sell it for 100 USD + shipping

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