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Thread: Second Projector - thoughts? (N-RGB1370)

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    Default Second Projector - thoughts? (N-RGB1370)

    Hey, been lurking around here for a bit...guess I'll post!

    Was all set on building my second projector. First one was just a little 150mW 532nm with crap 2kpps scanners, DMX only. I got to pricing everything I was going to buy, mostly laserwave stuff, for my new one...

    Then I found this.

    This is almost the exact build I was going to do. What do you guys think about goldenstar? What about this unit at this price point?

    Thanks in advance, I'm sure some of you guys will help me

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    Three quick points as I'm getting ready to finally get out of work and go home:

    1) Hold off at least until Monday to see what Lightspace's $1650 projector looks like. It will be in the Buy/Sell thread. Yes, that may be a litle more than what you're looking to spend but, it may be too temping to pass on it.

    2) Goldenstar has a decent reputation around here so, I think if you went with the one above, you'd be fine. I can tell you from having seen builds from both that Lightspace 's are a little more "refined".

    3) This is a hobbiest forum so a large contingent on here will still suggest that you build it yourself. There is great satisfaction and knowledge to be gained by building your own versus buying something off the shelf. By the same token, buying something off the shelf works right from the get go and you haven't suffered the "oops" and "uh-oh's" of accidentally screwing something up or breaking off a tap in your baseplate or somthing of that nature.

    Depending on where you are in the world may also have some bearing on what you should probably do. If you're in the US, then I should do my due diligence to say that both the Goldenstar and Lighspace lasers are illegal to import and use for any sort of commerce. True, you can run it in your basement or home all you want but, it's still not legally supposed to come into the country in the first place except under some very strict R&D guidelines or, if you modify it to make it legal and try to get it varianced.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm in no hurry and will check it out.

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