Since I have a very nice working projector now, I have to change my focus from the scanning and rgb to details of modulation. I find that the diodes work great once they kick in and start modulation but they really have issues in the lower power ranges. I have an iris system I am going to try out. If that works, then the modulation will be excellent at both high and low ranges. That will I hope make modulation as good as PCAOM. It is as good as pcaom once the modulation starts. (I wonder if all I need is beam suppression).

The card is pretty big for the projector size. Has anyone tried doing this other than eye magic and been able to make it small? I don't need any of the safety features. The only part I need is the linearizing section and gain controls. This board is nearly completely cover in surface mount parts so not sure it can be make smaller. Still fun to try. Maybe a custom dsp would do it. PS: those single mode diodes are plenty bright for a living room and MUCH safer for home use than multiwatt stuff.