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Thread: Laser Repair?

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    Default Laser Repair?

    Hey Everyone,

    I currently have 2 2w RGB lasers running Pangolin but I'm finding that I have issues with both. One it appears that the red module has dimmed out and is in need of repair because It doesn't make orange images like the other does. But the other laser is overall dimmer, I believe it may just need an adjustment because the light seems to be hitting not dead center as it should.

    I live in Southern California, but I am curious to know if someone can provide advice to how I could go about repairing these.. it is common to repair them or just replace them?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I am willing to replace the modules myself but what all entails in doing so.. Is there programming/configuring? Are there tutorials available?

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    Where in southern cali are you located?
    Freelance Laser Operator in L.A.

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