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Thread: Pure Holography - Brighton

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    Default Pure Holography - Brighton

    I'm just back form a visit to Pure Holography - an exhibition of the most exquisite holographs by Iņaki Beguiristain. If you can get to Brighton the exhibition is on until June 1st and entry is free - Well worth a visit to see some rather special works!

    Is Iņaki Beguiristain a member here I wonder?

    I would have loved to meet him and discuss how he created some of his works but he wasn't there today (will be there tomorrow apparently, so may take another trip over). It was another of those laser related mind-blowing experiences that I have been having more and more often since joining this community!

    Well worth a trip to see his work if he comes to a town near you


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    He's a master of multi-color holography using films made by himself and Mike Medora at Colour Holographics. They took over production of Richard Bierenheid's (sp?) HRT material in the '90s, and since have made wonderful colorful imagery. There are a number of alternative full color hologram recording materials on the market now, but I think Colour Holographics is not one of them anymore. I don't believe Inaki's a member here, but he is on the holography page at Facebook.

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