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Thread: **URGENT** Red Laser (635, 637, 650, 660) Needed!!

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    Default **URGENT** Red Laser (635, 637, 650, 660) Needed!!

    Title says it all.

    I am in need of a ~500mW-1W (preferably closer to 1W) red laser with OEM power supply. I don't care about condition. don't care about new or used. As long as it works and has some life left in it.

    preferably in the lower red wavelengths. 635, 637 or 640. 650 or 660 will do if available. I need this YESTERDAY!!

    I had one and it decided to shit the bed on me and I need to get this in for a repair.

    Anyone?? USA preferred (only for time constraints) but if outside of USA has anything that they feel may help, feel free to PM or reply here.


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    Marc...I have a dual P73....ready to roll .... 6X Cylinder lense set for correction. Over/under knife edge and my custom machined LD mounts with 2mm EFL collimation lens. About 12 hours use. PM me !!
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    i have a 650 flash light new barley used sitting in sealed box for what its worth

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    If you're still in need, I have a brand new Arctos 637nm 1 W on the shelf in northern NJ.
    Cheers, LL

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    I have a like new 660nm module power around 1w made using single mode diodes so very tight
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