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Thread: **URGENT** Red LAser needed!!

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    Default **URGENT** Red LAser needed!!

    Sorry- I know I double posted. but this really is urgent.

    Title says it all.

    I am in need of a ~500mW-1W (preferably closer to 1W) red laser with OEM power supply. I don't care about condition. don't care about new or used. As long as it works and has some life left in it.

    preferably in the lower red wavelengths. 635, 637 or 640. 650 or 660 will suffice if I absolutely have to, but would rather a lower red. I need this YESTERDAY!!

    I had one and it decided to shit the bed on me and I need to get this in for a repair.

    Anyone?? USA preferred (only for time constraints) but if outside of USA has anything that they feel may help, feel free to PM or reply here.


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    Edison ? Pretty nice units

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    call DTR and order something up.

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