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Thread: IR Laser Diodes

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    Laser Warning Sold: IR Laser Diodes

    First up are some 1500nm C-mount diodes. These are fairly powerful. (burned myself several times during testing).
    The beam pattern is also surprisingly good for a multimode diode of this power. It's slightly oval, almost circular.
    They should handle up to 3.5A no problem. Output can be up to a couple watts. Price is $60 each, including

    Thanks for looking.
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    How's your remaining eye doing?
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    LOL so you're implying the burns were on my eye, are you? Actually, 1500nm is supposed to be stopped
    by outer eye tissue. Still it's not something I would want to test myself, and it could still burn the outside of the
    eye. There seems to be a glut of 1500nm range Chinese lasers recently being advertised as "eye safe". Everyone
    be careful out there.

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