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Thread: 200mW green DPSS module

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    Default [SOLD] 200mW green DPSS module

    To sell, my first and fidel green laser module which I had for ~2 year (but has only 80-100 hours of use).
    It do >250mW with very good conversion efficiency (950mA on the 1W pump diode) and is very stable with real TEM00 mode.
    Temperature is well controled : a fan in the power supply; a TEC, fan and heatsink on the laser head, so you don't need to attach an extra heatsink, it runs cool for hours.
    It's a Fengyuan unit (which was a special model built for Crystal Research which I think is a sign of quality, you can see here
    Of course it has an IR filter...

    I sell it because it's way too powerful to mix with my other lasers (red and blue) and I need analog blanking...

    You can see specs and pictures on my website here :

    Price is 350$ + a little for shipping (depends on location), or the better offer I receive, so give me offers
    And don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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