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Thread: Mamba Black vs. Mamba III , any users ?

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    Question Mamba Black vs. Mamba III , any users ?

    Hi Mamba users.

    As you know Mamba Black was a great Hobby laser software.
    It had some bugs, but it was many updates the first years.
    Then Medialas said there would be a 2.0 update.... it was a 2.0 update, but you had to pay for it !!
    So I did stick with Mamba Black for 10 years it still crash from time to time, but a fast restart fix it.

    Well I decided to buy Mamba III now, 300EUR ++

    Today I got it, and I ask myself (and other users) what is different from Mamba Black vs. M III ?
    The layout is the same, only some more features like projector preview and a black (bad contrast skin)

    Yes there is 200 bug fixes, but I load show (take some time) start show, play show.. nothing new.
    It`s the same layout to create show etc... so why is this worth 300EUR ?

    It does not support VST either, (mamba black was promised to support VST)

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    Medialas published the new features when they introduced Mamba 2.0 and MIII, but one of the bigger ones was the 3D rendering engine. With 2.0, they also fixed a lot of irritating bugs like resizing effects on the timeline which caused them to disappear / overlap or have tiny time gaps with the effect in front of it. Before 2.0, Mamba Black had memory leaks and a myriad of issues that caused BSDs. Assuming you need backward compatibility with Mamba Black, I think 300 Euros was well worth it.

    Your other option would have been to export your shows to ILDA and import them into LSX (or one of a few of Pangolin's products). The pro version of LSX is only US$375.99 and has a LOT more functionality than MIII. LSX works with a variety of DACs including Medialas'. (I have five Medialas DACs that are still running just fine with LSX.) Oh, and I don't believe Innolasers/LSX has ever charged for an update.

    All of this said, MIII is easy to use, being maintained and updated currently, and quite reliable in my experience, so if that product works better for you, then great.


    P.S. If anyone wants a copy of Mamba 0.9x including all its bugs, I have an extra copy I never used that I'll let go CHEAP. PM me if interested!
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    Well I did test out LSX 2-3 times, but because I was an old Mamba user I did never get the touch of LSX.
    But yes LSX seems like a decent software and I like it, I wish I had been using it from day one and learning lsx from the start.
    You know after using mamba for about 10 years it`s hard to move to something else

    I just did not see so much different in MIII sadly, but to be honest, what I need most is usually only LIVE shows.
    I never play a show synced with music.. never !!

    So I now want to buy a midi keyboard\tablet or anything that can be used with mamba, so I can have pre programmed effects to use LIVE

    Thanx for the feedback.

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    I think, the MB 2.0 and M III not better than MB 1.96 (97') latest version and the MB III too expensive.
    I use 1.96 with last update and is work good, but I think the software old and not support, not user group or etc.
    The Good Choice the Pangolin QS software, modern and good functions, big user group and excellent support.
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