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    Hello all,

    I have been a member on here for some time, but haven't really posted a whole lot (I enjoy reading and learning).

    I may as well start with a bit of background info, so here goes:

    I've had numerous lasers such as:

    1 x 400mW 532nm Green (Now sold)
    2 x 1W RGB Projectors (Branded as a Veyron 1000RGB, Chinese, but nice cases though)
    2 x LaserWorld CS-4000RGB

    Essentially I would like to start to build my own units, I understand the dangers that lasers can present but would like to start building some custom units. I'd like to know where is a good source of diodes, galvos, cases etc? I know some people don't like Laserworld (an understatement I think...) but I am aware they sell diodes. Also, where would be a good place to start with getting a laser power meter?



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    The diodes from laserworld are manufactured by Laserwave. No need to give your well hardlabour money to a reseller that doesn,t do anything for you other then grab more out of your wallet. Second, when you start building your own you have to decide wich quality you want and what you want to adchieve. If your buying a car you have a certain standard that fits you and your wallet. If you want to build a topquallity projector but still for 1/3th of the price of a European one like RGBlasersystems kvant,HB laser or others its easy to do but it comes with a certain investment in parts. One thing is very important to understand and that is that Power is only half of the game. Each lasermodule has a certain divergence and half the divergence means 2 till 3x the more brightness. A 650mw/637nm of 0.65mrd is the same brightness as a 1.3 watt/1.3 mrd beam. But when doing graphics the dot from the 0.65mrd is allot smaller so you get allot better graphics. A beamshow box is easy and if you stay arround 1mrd you will be fine. Red should be 637nm or 638nm in wavelength and for blue 445 or 450nm.

    Interested in 6-12W RGB projectors with low divergence? Contact me by PM!

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    Sources for laser projector parts:
    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

    Laser system: Pure Diode 3W & 6W RGB Laser.

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