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Thread: Laser Quantum GEM Scientific Green Laser: >1/2 Watt

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    Laser Warning Laser Quantum GEM Scientific Green Laser: >1/2 Watt

    lasersam and I are offering a used but very healthy Laser Quantum GEM laser made in 2011. The laser runs at 66% diode current limit at >500 mW output at 532 nm and Sam measured 1.3 Watts at the current limit. This laser in lineraly polarized and has a high quality TEM 00 free space beam. We are asking $5K on the forum. Hours are under 5400 and the laser looks and works like new. Phil, pbergero@usf<dot> edu, (813) 974-2378 at the lab

    PS This laser has a short coherence length but very low optical noise. Great for Raman, fluorescence etc but not suitable for holography or interferometry. I added an inside diagram Sam made so you won't have to open and ruin the laser...
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