Im Poul From Laser Power Denmark here.
We have a client asking for a show in next week. But they ask for 2x 8 watt green laser projectors. And we only have 1x jenlas D2.8 - 8w (beam: 5mm @ ~1mrad) here at the moment, with eyemagic-8000 (6 mm aperture mirrors 42K scan speed).

I like to know the rental price for 1pcs 8 watt 532nm laser projector with spec matching your jenlas.
Laser install is on the place: 19+20/6 (2 days)
Active showtime days is: 21,22,23,24,25,26/6 (6 days)
27/6 laser takes down from the laser installation (1 day)
28/6 It can be shipped return again.

Please call us or mail, if there is any questions: +45 40751699 - mail[at]laserpower.dk