Hi All

I know this may be a bit cheeky to ask, but I’m going to anyway.

I have a charity event coming up that has a Great Gatsby Theme and I’m hopping to take my new laser toy with me

I have QS and wanted to put together a little show of animations that has a Gatsby Theme, I have already created a Gatsby logo.

QS does have some dancers and music based animations but they don’t really say ‘Gatsby’ or ‘speak easy’ or ‘swing jazz’ so does anybody have some that would fit this theme that they would like to donate (providing you have permission to) so I try and build a show?

The charity event is on the 28th June 2014 here in the UK for a children’s hospital, I will be taking camcorder with me to get footage and be posting it on my YouTube channel and will credit anybody that can help

Many thanks