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Thread: CNI OEM driver only, not new

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    Default CNI OEM driver only, not new

    I have a scrapped cni 500mw dpss, with one of those huge lab style drivers.
    The driver is however not 100% ok. The laser itself is still ok.
    I'm looking to replace the old driver with another driver. Preferably one of those OEM drivers from CNI.
    I'm not looking for a new driver, only for a second hand from someone that has the opposite lying around (bad laser, good driver) and willing to part from it for a reasonable price.
    My other solution was to buy a picodrive, but that's around 250 (the price of a new 500mw dpss )
    Trying to create a good diode mount....

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    I have 4 of the OEM-F drivers incl powersupply. Contact me by PM to discuss the details....

    Interested in 6-12W RGB projectors with low divergence? Contact me by PM!

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