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Thread: Single mode diode hardware kit

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    Default Single mode diode hardware kit

    I thought I might package some of the parts I have here into a little kit and add some discount

    As pictured, 3 diode housings, and 2 flex mounts - mix and match brass diode housings, either 3.8mm, 5.6mm or even 9mm ( although 9mm diodes aren't single mode! )

    This combo I can sell to PL crew for $70AUD plus shipping

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    hi yep this is the sort of thing am after do you have it so i can mount a diode in the housing with lens that is 12x30mm as that is the size of my diodes hope you can help

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    Oh you want this:

    and this ? :

    I think you want an aluminium mount to clamp in an Axiz diode/lens holder. But that is a very bad way of doing things. Its better to fit the diode in a brass holder from dave and mount a flexmount in front of it to steer/stack the beam.
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    hi that be great for my project then once have finished teh first will order more am just getting all my bits sourced the will be ordering.

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