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Thread: 4W+ 635nm laser module combiner kit

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    Default 4W+ 635nm laser module combiner kit

    Hi all,

    Nearly everything you need to build a 4W+ 635nm laser module. I purchased these parts to build a 4W+ 635nm red and ended up running out of time and paying a lot more for weaker a plug-and-play unit.

    By far prefer to sell the lot in one go as a kit so make an offer on everything.

    6x Dave's brass diode housings with the bases (adjustable diode positioning)
    6x Dave's 2mm FL aspheric lenses (necessary to achieve tight beam with Mitsuishi 635nm diode)
    6x brass lens holders (2mm aspherics are mounted by dave in these)
    10x Dave's flex mounts
    10x FS mirrors fro dave (ship attached to the flex mounts, up to you whether you want to use them)
    2x 4mag cylindrical lens pairs for correcting the 635nm beam, ~20mm spacing (4 lenses in total)
    x 1/2 waveplate for 635nm from dave
    1x 635nm ''beam combiner cube prism thing'' from goldenstar (forgot the technical name)
    2x Mitsubishi G71 300mw 635nm diodes mounted, working and tested (I think I blew up the other 4 by using a DIY driver but will send them to you and you might get lucky)
    1x badpip dualdrive 1

    Phew, a lot of stuff, so roughly $825 worth of things. Want to sell everything so make an offer for THE LOT.

    I live in South Africa but will be in Switzerland, Europe for the next 3 weeks (leaving tomorrow Tuesday) so let me know if I should take the items with me to save you on shipping. Swisspost is pretty affordable, ~30usd international shipping is a possibility, would just need to see if I can fit everything under the weight limit. I will work hard to find the best rate, be it courier or local post.

    Ideally email me. You can do this by filling in the contact form on my business website:

    I am also available on Facebook, Skype/FaceTime or WhatsApp if you prefer to chat there. I will be Lausanne, Switzerland for the next two weeks.


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