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    Default SMS application

    A few years ago I wrote a program (SMS to App) to solve a problem where I needed to send SMS (text) messages to a 3rd party application. Well I have just found another use for it, it works very well with QS.

    I thought it might be of interest to you all, it should work with a number of programs not just laser software.

    Dos and Don’ts

    This is ‘ThankYouWare’ if you download please just say thank you
    If you getting it working with any application please post your results for other users to befit
    Unlike Fight Club, do tell your friends

    My first post sounded very rude and arrogant on the “Don’t”, let me rephrase it.

    This is a free app, offered as such with no support or warrantee. I will pop in here and keep an eye on the thread and will help where I can, but I don’t want my in box full up with support questions, thank you.
    As a free App I don’t have time to make alteration and extra features, but will if somebody does make a suggestion that I feel would benefit the App and I have time I will try to add it.

    SMS to App DOES NOT hack, alter, or attempts to reversed engineered the 3rd party application, it uses standard windows handles to send information from one program to another by simulating mouse clicks and automated Cut n Paste.

    Also found a small bug this afternoon so have updated it, if you have already downloaded before 23:00 GTM 23 June 2014 please re-download to V1.0.1.0

    As I said I got it working on QS, here is the Setup procedure in 20 quick and easy steps

    1. Run QS
    2. Click the ‘QuickText’ tab to show the QuickText window
    3. Run SMS to App
    4. Click on the ‘Recorder Tab’
    5. Click the ‘Record’ button below the Pre List
    6. Click the ‘Black Out’ Button on QS
    6. Click the ‘Finish’ button below the Pre List
    7. Click the ‘Set Edit Box’ button and then click inside the text edit box on QS
    8. Click the ‘Record’ button below the Post List
    9. Click in the effect window in QS *
    11. Click the ‘Show it now’ button to the left of the effect window
    12. Click ‘Finish’ button below the Post List
    13. Click the ‘Function 1’ button and now the click ‘Blackout’ button on QS
    14. Type the word ‘Blackout’ in the box below ‘Function 1’ button
    15. Click the ‘Function 2’ button and ‘Show it now’ button
    16. Type the words ‘Show / Hide Msg’ in the box below ‘Function 2’ button
    17. Click on the GSM Setup Tab
    18. Set the COM port for your GSM device
    19. Click Connect (select Auto check if you want it to check every 30 seconds)
    20. Click the SMS messages tab, enter your own message in the display message box

    As SMS messages come in, highlight the one from the list you wish to display (alter it if required in box below Outgoing SMS), and then click Send and Display, the message will be send the message to QS and display it.

    Txt and Enjoy

    *NOTE it will always show the 1st Text Effect (top left hand side) so set this effect up how you want your SMS messages to show

    UPDATE 4th July 2014
    I use the App last week on an event, very successful and popular, however I did find it a little annoying to use as it was never really designed to be used in a live environment, so what’s a man to do, that’s right re-write and release V2 !!

    V2 Features

    When recording mouse clicks you can now pause during the recording, this would enable you to swap to different part of your external app to find the correct buttons etc.

    GSM Setup
    This is now an automatic setup procedure, it now give you a list of available COM ports, you select which ones you want to test and click Auto GSM Setup

    SMS Messages
    This is where I had most the problems so now added the following

    Notifications as messages come in, so if the App is minimised you will get a balloon pop up from the icon tray telling you that new SMS messages have arrived.

    Option to minimise to icon tray thus keeping the task bar clear

    Option to show User IDs, eg USER1: Hello, USER2: How are you etc, however the App dose not remember the user IDs once its closed (this would require a database to hold all the numbers and remember them, maybe V3)

    The function buttons F1 and F2 now response to the F keys 1 and 2 (only when the App is NOT minimised)
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    Quick reply , dont have time to download and experiment with this just now , but VERY interesting , this post just to keep track of a very interesting , thankyouware , so in advance

    THANKYOU :-)
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    Same here from my soon i have enought time i will try it on my pc.
    Thank you very much for sharing this king of soft !

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    Thanks, this sounds interesting for sure. Speaking of SMS, it appears Beyond now has an SMS tab and looks as if there will be some sms functionality built in. Does anyone know how it works ? Is it fully function in the sense that it will interface directly with a cellular modem ? Or is it designed to work with additional software to feed it the data ?

    I'd love to get sms working over a voip connection or otherwise online, to negate the need for a cellular modem / sim and associated monthly charges. Has anyone ever played around with that ?

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