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Thread: KVANT ClubMax 3000 - new lasershow system

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    Cool KVANT ClubMax 3000 - new lasershow system

    Hi people.

    I think some of you may be interested in our new RGB laser system from our new line of KVANT laser systems.

    We think it is quite amazing especially when you consider the price and all the stuff it is packed with. 3W for less than 3k

    Please check these two links - there's a nice product video together with plenty of pictures and information about it.

    ClubMax 3000 + QuickShow FB3 bundle:

    ClubMax 3000 + DiscoScan 2.0 bundle:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails clubmax-lasershow-laser-kvant-09.jpg  




    Martin Pelikan
    KVANT Laser Systems UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelikan View Post
    ... quite amazing especially when you consider... all the stuff it is packed with. 3W for less than 3k...
    Indeed.. that sounded fantastically-exciting... until I remembered that was 3k of your currency.. Too-bad ours still sucks eggs against it.. Still, good to see the magik-506's in-products, and that's quite the bundle. Good to see yet one reason more for PL'ers to skip-over doing biz with 're-skinned Chijector' hawkers like 'RGB Verkpoop'.. Kvant makes a good solid OEM product..

    ..Now, if I can just get Kv to fall in love with these little marvels..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Nice System.

    I saw the scanners at the Musikmesse in Franfurt/Germany.
    I would had hoped that they had a better specs than 35k points. Because they can do better.
    Perhaps a "safe" setup for the drivers.

    I also wanted to point at the colour balance. It is quite cold.

    See the white light laser balance jpg.
    They drive blue and green at very low powers to get an nice gamut.

    But still a good price. You will get 3 Watts all max'd out and still ~1.4 Watts of purest white.


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    even if you get 1,4w of balanced white it's still a good price (even in euro) and with the 506 it's quite the pioneer product for these scanners if i didn't just have to buy a new (used) car, i'd be tempted to switch this one for my spectrum projector (but probably keep the ct scanners)

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    So, is this or is this not a varianced projector?

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    Dzodzo, There's a video here - it looks a very nice white:

    In fact this is the best video anyone has ever shot of 520nm on here. The green also looks nice if different.

    You're still not going to win me over with the yellows though!

    Overall, it looks a very nice projector Martin, especially for the money. Definitely puts Kvant in the game against some of the better quality cheaper brands.

    @ Stiffler, it says it's FDA Ready whatever that means (I presume it means its a varianced design and ready for an individuals variance application, but you'd have to ask Kvant).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiffler View Post
    So, is this or is this not a varianced projector?
    YES it is varianced system.
    Martin Pelikan
    KVANT Laser Systems UK

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    This looks like really nice system for the money and considering it is KVANT, I am quite tempted to get couple of these to start my laser journey...

    What is the expected life-span of these systems?
    Is this a time limited offer?

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    seems nice... but i cant find anywhere... what are this discoscan lens???
    Lorenzo from Italy

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    This looks like a gorgeous laser for a very competitive price against the two biggest Asian projector sellers right now.
    And having a disco scan option makes me cum in my pants, seriously. I've always wanted to have and use one of them. This puts using one within my reach..nearly...just . I haven't seen anything more about it other than from the pangolin website when the astroscan was also being sold. Now it comes as attachment? Fucking ace.
    This is pucker. But I agree with Yag-Freak about the colors. I wish they more saturated

    Djlorenzo, discoscan applifies the scan angle by upto 5 times. Essentially make your scan angle 360 degrees!!!

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