Ok folks... Mt. Lasermore seriously needs to be reduced in it's enormity. Kinda like my credit card balances. So, here we go...

First thing up on the block is a basically brand new MBT HZ300 hazer. I am the only owner and bought it brand new in July 2010. (Same month I joined PL.) It's only ever had MBT's brand of Haze Fluid in it and I have run it perhaps a couple of hours total in the four or so years I've owned it. Still in the origional packaging and, until this evening to test, it probably hasn't even been opened for three years. It is essentially the same as the Antari HZ300 and you will find even the owners manual references Antari.

My initial impression of it is that it's fine for home use and small to medium venues. Unfortunately, (or fortuntely) I have a rather large venue and would have needed to buy at least one more if not ideally 3 more for a total of 4. I spent a lot of time and money trying to find what works best in here without spending a gajillion dollars and in the end, I kinda STILL spent a ton trying things so, I have a number of atmosphere producing items to soon be listed.

The thing about this hazer as compared to a DF-50 or a Look Solutions Unique 2 or other hazer is that the output is definately more invisible as it's being produced. It may be just that it's a finer particle size or... 1700 cubic feet per minute just isn't all that much. I estimate my ballroom to be close to 97,000 cubic feet so, I'm looking at an hour to fill it with haze with this unit if my math is correct. The plus is it's much more invisible when the lights are on so ideal for home use and I ran it in my mothers living room with no objection that I was filling the house with haze. And absolutely NO odor.

Here is a decent review:


New... they seem to sell for $599


I paid about $520 with shipping at the time.

I'd like to get about $350 (plus shipping) since it IS pristine and will include a gallon of MBT fluid although it will need to be shipped separately as it won't fit in the original packaging. It's 39 pounds shipped, according to the tracking label when I bought it.

I will also bring it to SELEM to avoid shipping if an attendee wants to get it from me there. (Countin' down the minutes! )

More goodies to be listed soon in various states of fully disclosed condition. Projectors, modules, t-stands, non-coherent lights, optics, electronics, and who knows what else. I'm not getting out... I'm getting smart. I need to concentrate on what is making money and, not what I foolishly think I'll have the time to build or mess with.

Citibank sincerely thanks you for your consideration.