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Thread: CL2X Wire

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    Default CL2X Wire

    Wire question... can 24 AWG solid CL2X wire be used for wiring things like flexmods? I accidentally picked some up at Radio Shack based on the colors of the sheathing and not paying attention to the fact it was solid wire and not stranded.

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    It will work fine but longer pieces will eventually break from vibration before stranded wire would. If you're only talking a few inches I think it will be OK. I used to use a lot of solid telephone hookup wire with perf board projects. The main thing is DO NOT NICK THE WIRE WHEN STRIPPING! The stripper should cut almost through the insulation but not touch the wire.

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    It has to be where it will NEVER flex. If you use it in a projector, It must be tied down with wire ties etc. Ma Bell assumes it will not be moving when they use it. It will most likely break at the solder joint if allowed to flex or move. It work hardens at the joints, where its screwed down, or where its nicked (see above post) and breaks there.

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