Hi All,
I am clearing out some mounts I had spare from a machining run.
So up for grabs are some nice, low priced mirror mounts ideal for knife edging setups and internal-projector bounce mirrors.

Designed by Sir. Con, these are no-frills mounts, made from brass. While they have no flexural adjustment, they can easily be adjusted by half tightening the adjustment screw, and then pivoting the mount with another hex key, and then finally locking off the axis screw tightly; once set these are very stable.

Sold in packs of 10 for 80, with free worldwide economy postage included.
(Approximately €101, $137)

  • 10x 45˚ Heads
  • 10x Base L-Brackets
  • 10x Socket Head M3 Cap Screws

Assembly required

27 Grab bags available.

Everyone needs some of these for their next multi-diode build!