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Thread: FS: Brass Flex Mounts by From Stanwax

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    Default FS: Brass Flex Mounts From Stanwax

    I have 10 original Stanwax Brass flex mounts that I no longer use. I want to sell all 10 at once. They all came out of projectors, so all have been mounted to a case and had optics attached at one point. They all work fine. If you buy all 10 I'll throw in 1 older style mount(red) not sure where it came from.

    Miniature (23mm high) brass flex mount for tiny beam steering or laser alignment in tight spaces. Can be used with a dichro or HR mirror. 4mm x 9mm mounting slot for solid fixing to base plate.

    These sell for $37USD each BUT you can buy all 10 for $150 +S&H. That's 50% off list price.

    Thanks for looking,
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