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    Default WTB power supply

    I think my power supply is bad. When I turn on my laser, the scanners work, but nothing green comes out of the projector. The power supply power light comes on but the LED display doesn't do anything. I'm looking for this or something that will power a 5W 532.
    Any other suggestions to check would be appreciated. This worked fine until I had to hit the emergency stop one night because of smoke alarms going off from a fog machine. I've changed cables, controller, etc. but since then the laser will not work.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any suggestions?

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    Do you need the power supply, or the whole driver? The picture you posted shows a driver. Those are usually matched to a specific head. You could replace it with another one from the same manufacturer, but you'd need to adjust the TEC controller inside to get optimal performance.

    You're probably better off sending this back to the manufacturer for repair.


    PS: I assume you've already tested it separate from the projector by applying +5 volts directly to the modulation inputs, right?

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