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Thread: Annoying ILD animation wanted.

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    Default Annoying ILD animation wanted.

    Im using a laser to keep birds out of buildings, I need a custom made animation thats annoying when looking back towards the laser.
    I think diagonal lines sweeping across the screen, starting close together and becoming wider spaced could work.
    Basically this-" ////////////// / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / " scrolling to the left over 20-30 seconds(25k scanner)
    Randomly spaced horizontal lines moving up could be good too, or maybe slow moving lines.
    It needs to be full brightness and full size, single color.

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    Wow, that's one of the wildest reasons to ask for a set of laser content I've ever heard!!!

    I dunno if I could cook up anything, basically most of my laser files I create are still images, but manipulating colors is as close to "movement" as I can get... Still, if I can find some "lines" and maybe re-position them, I can possibly get something close to what you're looking for... I don't have the hundreds of dollars these software companies ask for, and I can't get ahold of Dr. Lava, so I probably won't have any software for the forseeable future...

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    I'm not sure if this is legal as it could fall under animal abuse.
    The light could harm the eyes of those birds.
    Why exactly are you needing to use the high and potentially dangerous divergence of a laser when you could more safely do this with intense non coherent light or high frequency sound?

    Could you give more information what laser you are using? Some might only want to help out knowing this is all safe and all.

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    I have seen the Avian Dissuader used effectively against grackles back in Texas.

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