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Thread: Scanner classifications???

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    Default Scanner classifications???

    Okay, I dunno if this has been discussed somewhere else, but I was curious...

    As many of you know, I am getting ready to (eventually) upgrade the scanners in my Goldenstar unit to 40k... Now I'm reading they have 50k scanners!! Anyway, I have seen some Goldenstar units that advertise 30k scanner upgrades (which I wish I had asked for when I bought my first unit), and then DT30... Of course, there's DT40 as well, my question is: What's the difference between DT30, DT40 and the regular ones? I seem to recall this might have been mentioned somewhere else but damn if I can find it!! And have any of you seen 50k scanners on any units; I haven't seen any on the Goldenstar ones, but I have seen the option also for DT30 wide as well... I'm guessing DT maybe stands for a manufacturer's brand? What makes them different or better?

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    DT stands for Dragon Tiger Electronics and I think the only difference between the 30s and 40s is the amp. There may be a slight difference in the galvos, themselves but like you, I can't find the difference. Maybe they are all the same and the ones that don't perform at the 40k level are marked as 30s, dunno. The DT40 wides are a different story.

    I know with the PTs, Phenix Technologies, the 20s, 30s, and 40s are all the same galvos. The only difference is the amps. I have replaced a 40k PT galvo that went bad with a 20k one and after retuning the amp, I saw no difference in performace. They worked just the same. That leads me to believe that the only difference is the amp.
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