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Thread: How to USE a laser!

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    Default How to USE a laser!

    Sample 1:
    Fogscreen eMotion 2,2m walkthrough screen
    Tarm 2W RGB witn CT 6800
    2 x 1W G with DT40W
    2 x Edison case with Ems-7000(upgraded), Edison 1,3w red and blue.
    4 x 1500mw RGB
    LSX pro with Etherdream + slave

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    Maybe it could be the new generation of Japanese Kamikaze...
    BANZAI LASER!!!!!!!
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    my RGB analogue projectors:
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    2.6 W (655/532/450) 30kpps
    2.5 W (638/532/450) 30kpps
    0.7 W (test unit)(635/532/473) 18kpps

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    Ouch! Hope they have good insurance... Some of those beam shots to the face looked awfully hot.


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    OD11 Black Anodized Contact Lenses were called for.
    Otherwise, cool video. Actually, quite fun with the lasers
    (post modified because no one could hear my satire!)

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    How to use a laser 2.

    The result of excessive regulation by regulators in the UK - people are probably going to think f*ck it - if the authorities won't allow bright audience scanned lasers done from a safe perspective, then we're either not going to bother to learn the rules as they're pointless, or are just going to run underground nights with what looks right / is available.

    I believe I've had this conversation with certain people on here before who believe the rules should be more restricted for safety than they are now (instead of increased according to proven safety figures from the last 20 years), and that local authorities are right to reduce MPE further and ban audience scanned shows. This is what happens when you do.

    This is from a UK Nightclub, approx 68 MPE by my estimation if my memory serves me right as sometime since I calculated it using McCarrot's calculator and some stock divergence figures - @1.5W to the best of my knowledge from approx 2 metres to closest person.

    If that doesn't convince you, head on from inside the tunnel (So this isn't a direct hit, simply a look down the tunnel's inside back towards the source). There's actually no laser on the camera at all:

    BTW I wasn't responsible. My laser never leaves my home. I wouldn't advocate exposing anyone to more than 10 MPE privately, or 1 MPE publicly

    The pics I acquired from a reliable source.

    The Point is: - Over regulate and you just drive the problem underground and unregulated. Certain types of music / club / audiences are not going to stand for excessive restriction or audience scanning bans. People in the Uk are getting fed up with excessive regulation. It's about time the authorities realised that and instead worked towards allowing sensible levels and safe solutions, that operators would adhere to because they still allow them to provide a bright but safe show eg:

    1. Audience scanning allowed in every authority area (it should be compulsory to allow it if the safety conditions are met by the display operator),ie the person doing the show has passed a laser safety course and can demonstrate a safe set up with a documented calculation and measurement, otherwise beams overhead

    2. Insurers cannot exclude Audience Scanning for those with the necessary qualifications or increase premiums to discourage it

    3. There should be sensible MPE restrictions set by the regulators to balance safety vs brightness eg. 2 MPE allowance with no pulse width safety consideration (ie it allows 2 MPE ordinarily with no reduction in power for pulse width, and thus the equivalent of 8 MPE in the rare event of a static beam failure scenario (note still less than the 10 MPE recommended some while ago by ILDA for actual scanning and here 8 MPE only occurs if there's a scanner failure)).

    Oh and btw, people talk about lasers being too bright - it's obviously down to what your used to. The audience above loved it with shouts of delight, clapping and whistles whenever the laser came on, albeit they obviously weren't aware of the potential dangers from those levels. I can't condone the levels used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by White-Light View Post
    How to use a laser 2.

    BTW I wasn't responsible. My laser never leaves my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacter View Post
    Sample 1:
    Except for the fact that it seems EXTREMELY dangerous in some of those shots, I actually liked the catchy tune, and creativity of the video shots and editing...

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