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Thread: stepper motor noise & heat

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    Default stepper motor noise & heat

    I have a scanner that has an issue. The stepper motors that drive the mirror make a high pitched noise.
    They also get quite warm.
    Any ideas?

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    Thats the PWM frequency of the stepper drive. And many motors get very hot when running. Burn yourself hot.

    If that is not normal for your machine you might have a bad drive.

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    Stepper motors were not designed to be galvos. When placed in to service as such, they have significant limitations, including frequency response and open-loop control. To reduce noise and heat, drive them with lower-frequency signals at a lower amplitude. If you're unhappy with their performance or they fail, look in to some of the commonly available chinese scanners... at well under $100, they will still perform orders of magnitude better than "stepper motor galvos."

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    Nice find.
    Very interesting that the light source dose not encroach on the desired effect to the point that you can't tell where it's coming from.

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    From what I have seen of some of these types of projectors is that they will energize one coil of the stepper full time to hold the rotor mid step and use the other coil for the drive, therefor with one coil being energize all the time they will get hot

    The high pitched noise is the drive coil, if it is making more noise then the other motor, then the rotor could be seizing

    You really didn't define the issue apart from noise and heat
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