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Thread: F.S. Dell Axim x51v Pocket PC

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    Default F.S. Dell Axim x51v Pocket PC

    Hi all

    For Sale: Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC & all software/manuals/charger/leads etc.

    I thought i'd offer this on the group first. This unit is Virtually Brand New. I had only had it a month when I got a new mobile phone/organiser (O2 XDA) through my work. This Axim is now surplus to requirements. Specification as follows...

    Extras include...
    Executive soft leather zip up case
    1gb SD card
    Spare high capacity battery & high capacity battery cover
    Spare charging/docking cradle
    Screen Protector

    This is a brillant Pocket PC. It has wireless LAN/Blootooth and many other great features. It's still all in it's original packaging, if you want to know anything more specific please PM me.

    Price: 210 inc postage to anywhere in UK. Cost was well over 300



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    Now if you could run Mamba off it ....


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